A Full Life Cycle Solution for Managing The Most Privileged Accounts

In the digital era, credentials (such as passwords) are a part of everyone’s life. However, many of them grant access to crucial functions, such as changing domain controller settings or transferring funds from an organization’s accounts. Privileged accounts are the names given to these types of accounts. As a result, in an era of increased […]

Shifting Left With DevSecOps : Need Of The Hour

What is DevSecOps? DevSecOps is a culture that involves incorporating security practises into the DevOps process. DevSecOps entails fostering a culture of ‘Security as Code,’ with continuous, versatile cooperation between release engineers and security teams. DevSecOps, like DevOps, is focused on developing innovative methods for complex software development processes through an agile system. DevSecOps is […]

4 C’s of Cloud Native Security

At many firms, the subject of protection can be a tough one to broach. There are a lot of conflicting expectations to meet all at once. How do we boost developer efficiency, meet regulatory criteria, maintain production stability, and quickly identify and remediate threats? The answer won’t be simple, but because of advances in cloud-based […]

Data is the New Oil, Let’s Secure It

“Gartner predicts that by the year 2025, about 50% of all the data will be transferred to the cloud.”  You must have heard the term “Data is the new Oil” frequently. That holds true as your data is extremely precious and is growing at a faster pace. It is necessary that you are aware of […]

Role of end-users in securing the cloud

Cloud security is a shared responsibility of the cloud end-user and the vendor. Your cloud vendor will make sure that you have what you need to run applications on the cloud. But, the vendor won’t take security responsibility beyond what they promise in the agreement. So, as end-users, you should take the necessary steps in securing […]

Busting the Top 5 Myths about Cloud Security

Myths exist in almost every field. Even when it comes to cloud security, we have so many myths. At Technosprout, we have put our heads together and found that five myths are the most common for cloud security. Take a note of these myths so that you do not remain vulnerable to cloud attacks.  Cloud security […]

Key Trends in Cloud Security for 2021

“As migration of companies to the cloud has increased post the COVID-19 crisis, the cloud will comprise about 14.2% of the total worldwide IT spending by 2024, 9.1% up from 2020.” The growth of cloud adoption and its services is showing no signs of decreasing. For the current year, 2021, it has been anticipated that […]

How to Protect Non-Human Privileged Identities?

Some organizations have tried to manage non-human identities manually. But as noted by Gartner, many of these manual methods don’t operate with modern cloud environments. They succeed only in deepening the silos of departmental processes and tools, thereby further limiting the ability of organizations to maintain visibility of their machine identities throughout their networks. Due to such […]

Why to Protect Non-Human Privileged Identities?

With companies shifting to the cloud, several new identities like API’s, Bots, Vendor accounts etc will need closer management. During your digital transformation, you will need to create identity-centric strategies to secure your hybrid environment while operating in sophisticated and complex IT ecosystems.  Traditionally, human identities such as that of the employees, contractors and vendors […]

What is a Non-Human Privileged Identity?

With digital transformation comes the move to the public cloud. It requires a retooling of your security strategy from the ground up. The rise in the number of identities in the public cloud is a risk that you simply can’t ignore. Privileged identity is a term used to designate the special identities that have access […]