Secure your Cloud Workload Proactively: Learn how?

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What is Cloud Workload Protection Platform(CWPP)? In the contemporary cloud and data environment it is imperative to secure all your workloads. A cloud workload protection platform (CWPP) as defined by Gartner “is a workload-centric security solution that targets the unique protection requirements” of workloads in the traditional enterprise environment. CWPP provides uniform security controls and […]

7 Features of Code Security

Prisma Cloud is a powerful platform that offers a comprehensive solution for securing code across all modern architectures and software supply chains. By identifying vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, compliance violations and exposed secrets early in the development lifecycle, Prisma Cloud empowers engineering teams to build and deploy secure code with confidence. With scanning support for IaC templates, […]

The state of Cloud-Native Security: Key takeaways from Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks has released its 2023 State of Cloud-Native Security Report, which surveyed over 2,500 C-level executives to better understand enterprise cloud and cloud-native adoption. The survey found that organizations have increased their cloud usage by over 25% from the previous year, with cloud-native architectures for application packaging and deployment becoming more commonplace. The […]

Code Security – Automating Security for Cloud Native Infrastructure and Applications with Prisma Cloud

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Cloud-native application development has revolutionized the software development industry with its agility, scalability and flexibility. However, the fast-paced and complex nature of cloud-native application development presents a challenge for security teams. It can be difficult to keep up with the constantly evolving threat landscape and secure applications and infrastructure from code to cloud. Enter Prisma […]

Secure Your Cloud Infrastructure with Prisma Cloud


Cloud infrastructure is increasingly becoming the go-to choice for organizations to manage their sensitive data. However, with the adoption of cloud technology, organizations are also facing several security challenges. Although cloud computing provides benefits such as scalability, agility and cost efficiency, it can also expose organizations to potential security breaches. Cybercriminals constantly search for vulnerabilities […]

A Full Life Cycle Solution for Managing The Most Privileged Accounts

In the digital era, credentials (such as passwords) are a part of everyone’s life. However, many of them grant access to crucial functions, such as changing domain controller settings or transferring funds from an organization’s accounts. Privileged accounts are the names given to these types of accounts. As a result, in an era of increased […]

Shifting Left With DevSecOps : Need Of The Hour

What is DevSecOps? DevSecOps is a culture that involves incorporating security practises into the DevOps process. DevSecOps entails fostering a culture of ‘Security as Code,’ with continuous, versatile cooperation between release engineers and security teams. DevSecOps, like DevOps, is focused on developing innovative methods for complex software development processes through an agile system. DevSecOps is […]

4 C’s of Cloud Native Security

At many firms, the subject of protection can be a tough one to broach. There are a lot of conflicting expectations to meet all at once. How do we boost developer efficiency, meet regulatory criteria, maintain production stability, and quickly identify and remediate threats? The answer won’t be simple, but because of advances in cloud-based […]

Data is the New Oil, Let’s Secure It

“Gartner predicts that by the year 2025, about 50% of all the data will be transferred to the cloud.”  You must have heard the term “Data is the new Oil” frequently. That holds true as your data is extremely precious and is growing at a faster pace. It is necessary that you are aware of […]

Role of end-users in securing the cloud

Cloud security is a shared responsibility of the cloud end-user and the vendor. Your cloud vendor will make sure that you have what you need to run applications on the cloud. But, the vendor won’t take security responsibility beyond what they promise in the agreement. So, as end-users, you should take the necessary steps in securing […]