Secrets Management

You may wonder what is a secret when it comes to cloud data and its security? A secret is anything that you want to tightly control access to, such as your API keys, tokens, passwords, or certificates.Anything that can grant you authentication to a system or authorization to a system is a secret. A bad actor can misuse these secrets for personal gains. That can lead to loss of reputation and also financial losses. So, how do you protect these secrets from bad actors? We present to you the vault!

Our Approach To Safeguarding Your Secrets

Managing Secrets

Ensures all your secrets stay safe by encrypting and storing the data in the storage backend of your choice. Generate dynamic secrets that are non-existent until they are read, reducing the life of the secrets.
Discover security breaches and attempted access to systems and help model the policy implementation. Extend the Vault with pluggable secret engines such as Consul, MySql, AWS, MongoDB, and many more.


Simplify encrypting data in motion and at rest across all the cloud environments and the on-premises data centers. You can encrypt and decrypt app data with an HTTP (TLS) API call.
Key management, encryption algorithm, and many more are offloaded and centrally operated by the Vault. FIPS 140-2 & Cryptographic Compliance & replication filters.

Enhance The Protection Of Your Secrets

Protect Sensitive Data & Secrets Across Clouds and Private Data Centers

Low-trust networks in public clouds

Unknown network perimeter across clouds

Security enforced by Identity

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