Vendor Privileged Access Management

By Raising the Bar on vendor security: Protect Your Organization from relentless threats.

Vendor PAM | Vendor Privileged Access Management
The absence of vendor-privileged access management increases the risk of data breaches, hinders visibility and control, poses compliance risks, overburdens IT staff and creates difficulties in revoking access.
VPAM grants privileged access to third-party vendors, by providing a centralized platform for managing and monitoring vendor access. VPAM helps organizations to maintain control over their systems and data as well as minimize the risk of security incidents caused by third-party access.

Fortify Your Vendor Remote Access with VPAM: Least Privilege + Password Security = Ultimate Protection

Why This?

Gain visibility and oversight

Manage and secure privileged credentials

Control network access

Enforcement of least privilege

Strengthen your organization's security measures by implementing a policy that requires external vendors to verify their identity each time they seek access to critical assets.

Streamline the process of granting vendor access to the resources they require, exactly when they require them. The system also enables vendors to self-manage invitations, giving them greater control over their own onboarding process.

Take control of your vendor relationships with unparalleled transparency and oversight. Equip yourself with comprehensive reporting, auditing and remediation capabilities to ensure a seamless and successful partnership.

What You Gain?

Secure remote connections and network access

Granular Least Privileges

Offline Access

Overlay session monitoring, control and forensics

Implement authentication and password management

Implement Multi-factor Authentication.