“Monitor posture, detect and respond to threats, and maintain compliance.”

The first step to a strong security posture is deep, contextual visibility. It is important to get an insight into all multi cloud entities such as AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud & Microsoft Azure and show how the relationships among them affect your security posture. Achieving cloud security visibility requires comprehensive and continuous discovery and assessment of all assets. This helps an organization achieve two crucial goals that include understanding and managing security risk, and achieving compliance.

Our Approach

Continuous monitoring of all your cloud resources.

The initial step to a robust security posture is extensive and contextual visibility. 

Once you are well aware of all the resources across all the cloud environments, you can implement the right security policies that will keep your cloud environments secure and compliant.

It is essential to continuously monitor your data and resources on the cloud to keep all the threats at the bay.

Identify, block, and remediate threats with the power of Machine Learning (ML).

The best way to ensure a powerful threat detection system for all cloud environments is to employ good threat intelligence and machine learning-based solutions. SecOps can rise above all the noise, counter all the threats and remediate them faster.

We secure clouds of today against the threats of tomorrow.

Technosprout cloud security services with its partners – PaloAlto Networks & Hashicorp, a pool of certified consultants, technology experience, and a proprietary cloud security framework help enterprises with their cloud security.
We help our clients with a smooth transition to cloud computing. Our cloud security services are aligned with industry best practices and proven security service delivery models.

We Solve Real Problems

Enhance your Cloud Visibility, Compliance & Governance

Set guardrails and sustain compliance over all your cloud deployments.

Identify and counter threats across all cloud environments with network anomaly detection & UEBA.

Data sorting and malware scanning across all your cloud deployments.

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