Multi-Factor Authentication

As the name suggests, multi-factor authentication (MFA) is the use of multiple factors to confirm the identity of someone who is requesting access to an application, website or other resource. Our IAM solutions provide Multi-Factor Authentication functionality to guard against malicious actors & credential theft. With MFA, you must present various forms of proof to obtain access to a system, for instance, a passcode or a fingerprint along with an OTP code.

Our Approach

Modern Authentication

Eliminate passwords and enable dynamic workforces with MFA and a variety of frictionless authentication methods.

Unify Authentication & Credential Management

Bring a centralized, consistent approach to managing user access to corporate resources, from any device, inside or outside the network.

Simplify Risk-based Access Decisions using AI/ML

Automate access decisions based on user-associated risks such as; physical location, application sensitivity, device type and other factors evaluated in real-time.

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