Protect your Privileges in the Cloud

As organizations deploy new cloud environments and services, they introduce thousands of identity-based permissions that must be securely configured and continuously managed. At the same time the number of users and applications with privileged access – including both human and machine identities – skyrockets. Additionally, the cloud environments are always changing and this combined with […]

Identity is the New Perimeter

“Your security model will fail sooner or later, if you are still defining security along IP addresses, ”  Traditionally used security measures are no longer useful in today’s times. Disruptive technologies such as clouds, containers and microservices have transformed the approach taken for enterprise security. As businesses move to cloud computing, employees are able to […]

Need for Cloud IAM Security

As more organizations are shifting to the cloud for their digital transformation journey,  it has become important to secure your services running in the cloud, especially – the Identity and access management services. You must focus on protecting the user as well as the machine identities along with the data that they access. For protecting […]

What is CIEM?

With more and more applications hosted across the cloud service providers, the attack surfaces increase as well. This is due the increased permissions for human and machine identities to access critical cloud resources. The number of permissions can easily go as high as several millions. A major chunk of these permissions, sometimes as much as […]

Shared Security Model

Cloud security refers to the efforts of securing applications, data and infrastructure. It has become a priority owing to concerns over data exposure.  A shared security model gives a framework for cloud security for sharing the security responsibilities between the cloud service provider and the user to ensure accountability. The challenge for an organization is to […]

Build Security Early in Development Stage

Most modern organizations are integrating security across the entire development lifecycle as they are realizing it’s potential. Applications are becoming collections of microservices and functions and everything is getting defined as code. Developers use a vast array of tools to build and deploy cloud native applications and operationalizing security controls that work seamlessly across these […]

First Line of Defence for your Cloud

Firewall provided by public cloud service providers is not sufficient to protect the workload running on cloud infrastructure. A recent cloud computing security study conducted by the Poneman Institute and sponsored by Dome9 reveals that 67 percent of IT professionals claim their organization is left vulnerable to hackers due to lax cloud port and firewall […]

The First Step in Securing your Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Security & Visibility For businesses to capitalize on the wealth of opportunities the cloud brings, it’s therefore imperative that they have complete visibility into their entire hybrid cloud and multi-cloud infrastructure, and all the interrelationships between applications, protocols, networks and servers involved in service delivery. This will enable them to assure efficiency and optimize […]

The 4 Pillars of Cloud Security

Enterprises today work with a massive volume of sensitive data and also perform various operations with this data. The move to the cloud has changed all aspects of the application development lifecycle – security being foremost among them. Security and DevOps teams face a growing number of entities to secure as the organization adopts cloud-native […]

Cloud Security and it’s Risks

Even though the cloud is promoted as more secure than ever today, companies are experiencing an increasing number of data breaches. Introduction “Cloud” refers to the hosted resources delivered to a user via software. Cloud computing infrastructures—along with all the data being processed—are dynamic, scalable, and portable. Cloud security, also known as cloud computing security, refers […]