How to Mitigate Endpoint Security Risks Exposures

The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed everything about the way we work. Securing your networks now will pay dividends long into the future because cybercriminals aren’t going away.

Amidst this extended global lockdowns, measured relaxation & economic crashes, one of the major impacts of the virus has gone slightly overlooked: with millions of workers worldwide now being forced to work from home, they are more exposed than ever to network security risks. Attackers always look for quick ways to steal data. Using readily available automated tools and advanced techniques, they can do so with ease, leaving your traditional network defenses ineffective.

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Many companies have struggled to make remote working more secure for years. During the current crisis, many have been forced to immediately transition to decentralized networks and working practices. The security challenges of decentralized organizations are no longer a niche subject, and new threats will continue to emerge as a direct consequence of Coronavirus.

In this article, we can look at these 3 ways you can mitigate this risk exposure due to this increased remote workforce:-
1. Consistent security policy for every user – whether in office or at remote location irrespective of BYOD or corporate device. SASE or Secure Access Service Edge offers organizations, a cloud-delivered security service that enables secure remote access to all corporate applications. It can be deployed in a matter of days and can scale seamlessly to accommodate any number of remote workers. Palo Alto Networks is paving the way with Prisma Access.

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2. Endpoint protection or XDR: XDR is a threat detection and response, a key element of defending an organization’s infrastructure and data from damage, unauthorized access, and misuse. Palo Alto’s Cortex XDR™ platform delivers a unified experience for prevention, detection, investigation and response to reimagine how you find and stop attacks and dramatically simplify operations. Cortex Data Lake allows in identifying and then stopping sophisticated attacks that require advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning across all the enterprise’s data. It delivers visibility into data across networks, clouds and endpoints while applying analytics and automation to address today’s increasingly sophisticated threats.

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3.End-Point Privileged identity Management – CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager helps remove this barrier, adding a critical protection layer to strengthen your existing endpoint security and allowing you to contain attacks at the endpoint. Remove and manage local admin rights on Windows and Mac workstations and servers to prevent lateral movement. Enable just-in-time elevation and access with full audit of privileged activities. Detect and block suspected credential theft attempts on Windows workstations and servers. Protect OS, browser and file cache credential stores. Automatically block malware including Ransomware from running. Reduce configuration drift on endpoints with minimal end user impact. Enables defenders to quickly detect and proactively shut down in-progress attacks by placing deception components in the attack path.

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At Technosprout, we help organizations secure Privileged Identities, Cloud & DevOps Environment, Endpoints, Remote workforce & Network Perimeter with 100+ man-years of expertise around architecting, deploying, and managing complex hybrid cloud setups across industry verticals. We partner with CyberArk, Palo Alto and RSA to deliver cybersecurity solutions. Feel free to get in touch with us today for an assessment.

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