A Full Life Cycle Solution for Managing The Most Privileged Accounts

In the digital era, credentials (such as passwords) are a part of everyone’s life. However, many of them grant access to crucial functions, such as changing domain controller settings or transferring funds from an organization’s accounts. Privileged accounts are the names given to these types of accounts. As a result, in an era of increased […]

How to Protect Non-Human Privileged Identities?

Some organizations have tried to manage non-human identities manually. But as noted by Gartner, many of these manual methods don’t operate with modern cloud environments. They succeed only in deepening the silos of departmental processes and tools, thereby further limiting the ability of organizations to maintain visibility of their machine identities throughout their networks. Due to such […]

Why to Protect Non-Human Privileged Identities?

With companies shifting to the cloud, several new identities like API’s, Bots, Vendor accounts etc will need closer management. During your digital transformation, you will need to create identity-centric strategies to secure your hybrid environment while operating in sophisticated and complex IT ecosystems.  Traditionally, human identities such as that of the employees, contractors and vendors […]

What is a Non-Human Privileged Identity?

With digital transformation comes the move to the public cloud. It requires a retooling of your security strategy from the ground up. The rise in the number of identities in the public cloud is a risk that you simply can’t ignore. Privileged identity is a term used to designate the special identities that have access […]

Protect your Privileges in the Cloud

As organizations deploy new cloud environments and services, they introduce thousands of identity-based permissions that must be securely configured and continuously managed. At the same time the number of users and applications with privileged access – including both human and machine identities – skyrockets. Additionally, the cloud environments are always changing and this combined with […]

Identity is the New Perimeter

“Your security model will fail sooner or later, if you are still defining security along IP addresses, ”  Traditionally used security measures are no longer useful in today’s times. Disruptive technologies such as clouds, containers and microservices have transformed the approach taken for enterprise security. As businesses move to cloud computing, employees are able to […]

What is CIEM?

With more and more applications hosted across the cloud service providers, the attack surfaces increase as well. This is due the increased permissions for human and machine identities to access critical cloud resources. The number of permissions can easily go as high as several millions. A major chunk of these permissions, sometimes as much as […]

How to Mitigate Endpoint Security Risks Exposures

The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed everything about the way we work. Securing your networks now will pay dividends long into the future because cybercriminals aren’t going away. Amidst this extended global lockdowns, measured relaxation & economic crashes, one of the major impacts of the virus has gone slightly overlooked: with millions of workers worldwide now […]

Endpoint Security: XDR AI-based Automated Threat Detection & Response

As the volume and variety of endpoints grow, traditional signature-based and pre-programmed methods for security and anti-malware struggle to keep up. Not only are devices proliferating, but threat types and false positives are too — not to mention the diverse ways attacks can manifest. As organizations scramble to keep pace with both the value and risks of […]