Data is the New Oil, Let’s Secure It

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“Gartner predicts that by the year 2025, about 50% of all the data will be transferred to the cloud.” 

You must have heard the term “Data is the new Oil” frequently. That holds true as your data is extremely precious and is growing at a faster pace. It is necessary that you are aware of where it is stored and how it is protected from malicious actors. Due to the digital transformation, many organizations are shifting their data to the cloud. Cloud offers almost an unlimited storage capacity. Thus, you can store a massive amount of their data, including sensitive ones. The volumes of data are so high that we cannot use a manual process of data classification. 

“58% of data breaches were of the data in the cloud.”

-A report by Verizon

To address this issue, we need to adopt a cloud-native security platform. A security module automatically discovering the sensitive data in the cloud and protecting it is necessary.

Cybercriminals are always on a lookout for security loopholes in the cloud security to access your sensitive data. For that very reason, you need to get in place a better cloud and data infrastructure. 

“Your cloud vendor is not responsible for protecting your data on the cloud, that responsibility is yours alone.”

Technosprout provides a cloud native security platform that prevents data breaches. We present a glimpse of our framework that we adopt for securing the cloud data.

  1. Discover

Our cloud security assessment test helps cloud customers discover and mitigate the risks that they face by selecting a specific cloud service provider. This allows you to obtain a clear visibility, and a high-level roadmap for phasing your cloud adoption.

  1. Classify

Technosprout’s  cloud native approach continuously auto discovers and classifies all sensitive and non-sensitive data in the cloud.

  1. Monitor

Technosprout  provides precision monitoring to alert on what really matters to keep you out of the breach. Continuous security monitoring is important as it enables organizations to continually assess their overall security architecture.This helps determine whether they are complying with their internal information security policies on a day-to-day basis, as well as when changes occur. Continuous compliance and monitoring to identify, detect, and prevent security vulnerabilities in the cloud ecosystem for assured security.

  1. Protect

Technosprout cloud-native cloud security solutions helps you to monitor and remediate data security misconfigs and exposures in a snap. By securing the identity perimeter, we help protect your data from the cyber criminals. 

For securing your data on the cloud you can follow these points:

  • Educate your employees the importance of security and compliance. IT organizations need to be aware of the existing compliance laws that are applicable to their specific industries, to steer clear of costly fines and penalties in case of data breaches.
  • Implement Identity & Access Management (IAM) policies to ensure the right user has the right access to the right data for the right duration. Along with that, implement a Zero Trust approachCIEM, Password vaulting, MFA, Data leakage prevention and Least privilege principle
  • It is very important for you to understand that the security of the cloud is a shared responsibility of you and your cloud vendor. The type of cloud service model you choose decides your share of the security responsibility. Read our blog on the Shared security model to know more.

Technosprout’s tailor-made cloud-based solutions offer enhanced cloud security, greater flexibility, and scalability for all employees, including those working remotely. We help ensure constant data protection and internal policy compliance across the enterprise – including networks, clouds, and users.
Contact us for a free assessment test and get to know about your cloud security health. The points listed above will help you protect your sensitive data at rest or in motion in the public cloud.  Data security policies can be configured once, and automatically synchronized across Palo Alto Networks products. That eliminates time-consuming duplication of processes. We have partnered with PaloAlto Networks to provide you with the best cloud-native security platform.

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